A rich dark belgian chocolate brownie delicately flavoured with rose water and with large chunks of Turkish delight and belgian chocolate chips mixed liberally through the batter before baking.
Finished with a generous drizzle of dark belgian chocolate, even more Turkish delight chunks and some sparkly hearts (please note that we are now using silver hearts as we are unable to currently source vegan pink ones). 

This one is so good the trial batch almost didn’t last long enough to be photographed!


Available in a box of 6.


  • A good brownie is all about what you put in, so the main ingredient in all our brownies is a high quality Belgian organic dark chocolate (between 25% and 30% chocolate depending on the flavour)...

    For full allergy information, please click on 'ALLERGY INFO/INGREDIENGTS LISTS' at the bottom of the page. 

    Each brownie is approximately 7cm square.


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